A Passion for Excellence

When it’s time for designs to become reality, Meisner’s Project Team delivers the best project value with optimal results. Our passion for excellence and years of experience are evident in every project we construct.

Safety is Job #1

Safety & Risk Assessment

At Meisner, Safety is Job #1. Before a project begins, our trained professionals assess the safety and contractual risks of each project. We require and enforce 100% compliance in the use of Personal Protective Equipment for all jobsite personnel. Regular safety audits are conducted throughout the life of every project to ensure full compliance and that all goals are achieved. Our team thoroughly reviews each construction agreement to confirm compliance with all contractual obligations, insurance requirements and job specifications.

Planning, Coordinating & Scheduling

Whether its planning manpower required for large, complex projects, scheduling material and equipment resources, or using our GPS Software to efficiently layout a project, planning is a key element on every successful project. Coordinating with other trade contractors is also essential. Meisner’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) Team identifies potential conflicts and coordinates with others in advance to ensure a smooth installation.

Staffing & Craftsmanship

Our experienced field management staff works with your construction manager and trade superintendent to staff your project with highly skilled, award-winning craftsmen that meet the specific needs of your project. Over the last 35 years, Meisner’s training programs have consistently produced the top craftsmen in our industry. Our people make the difference!

Quality Installation

One of the greatest opportunities for improving construction quality and controlling the project schedule is prefabrication and modular construction. Our goal is to manufacture and preassemble materials whenever possible to provide material-handling efficiencies, superior installation, and an overall safer project.

Project Closeout

One of the key attributes of constructing a successful project is the closeout process. Our Construction Team ensures our customers receive everything timely and quickly at turnover by completing the punch list, certifying the final tests of circuits and equipment, providing a complete set of “as-built” project drawings and operating manuals, training new users on installed systems and equipment, providing warranty letters, and delivering final lien waivers.

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