Completed: 2018
Contractor: OHL Building, Miami
Architect: Silva Architects

This two-story facility (26,000-square-feet) features a state-of-the-art facility that merges the traditional library experience with cutting-edge technology. It includes a standard library, media labs, theater space, and an exhibition gallery. Construction included a multipurpose room, three tutoring rooms, one...

Completed: 2017
Contractor: OHL/Stride, Fort Lauderdale
Architect: DDA Engineers, Miami

Pompano Beach: Renovations included an 11,500 SF convenience store and various site/utility improvements.
West Palm Beach, Canoe Creek & Turkey Lake: These plazas required demolition of the existing facilities and construction of a new 40,000 SF restaurant building,...

Completed: 2011
Contractor: Turner Construction, Miami
Architect: Sequeira & Gavarrete, Miami

Miami Intermodal Center at Miami International Airport is a four-story, 3.4 million square foot rental car facility with a 100,000 square foot customer service lobby, retail and office space for up to 20 rental car companies, and...

Completed: 2010
Contractor: Itasca Construction Associates, Boca Raton

The Military Entrance Processing Command regional office located in Jacksonville was completed in 2010. The facility is a single-story, 30,700 square-foot building consisting of mainly office space and conference rooms, which are designed to evaluate armed forces recruits’ aptitude...

Completed: 2005
Contractor: Catalfumo Construction, Palm Beach Gardens
Architect: Perkins & Will, Miami

New construction of a comprehensive support center for the Building, Planning and Zoning Departments, Traffic Engineering Department, Fire Rescue Dispatch, Sheriff’s Department, and assorted other county operations and services, this 4-story 250,000 square foot mixed-use...

Completed: 1996
Contractor: Metric Construction Inc.
Architect: KSC Management

The Space Station Processing Facility (SSPF) is located inside the industrial area of Kennedy Space Center, just east of the Operations and Checkout Building. It was built for the processing of the International Space Station flight hardware and featured...