Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

Nicklaus Children's Hospital APCP #3
Nicklaus Children's Hospital APCP #4

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital
Advanced Pediatric Care Pavilion (APCP)
3100 SW 62nd Ave, Miami, Florida 33155

Completed: 2016
Contractor: Robins & Morton, Orlando
Designer: Perkins & Will, Miami

The Advanced Pediatric Care Pavilion (APCP) is located on the campus of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital (formerly Miami Children’s Hospital). Completed in 2016, the APCP is a six-story, 205,000 SF bed tower constructed with new MRI equipment and the installation of new Tier IV generators, which were incorporated into the existing paralleling switchgear scheme. The APCP contains three separate intensive care units; a Cardiac ICU, a Neonatal ICU, and a Pediatric ICU. The project provides unprecedented medical care for children facing the toughest of medical issues.

Meisner assisted the design team during the pre-construction phase in researching the existing hospital infrastructure and was instrumental in determining the constructability of the project. Working closely with the design team, Meisner identified potential issues upfront to move the design along and avoid delays once construction began. Meisner expended 152,470 manhours completing this project in 23 months.