Meisner Electric’s safety program begins with our executive management and filters down to our production team. Our Safety Director has a team of key members from the field which makes up the Safety Committee. Monthly, this committee meets to discuss what works, what doesn’t, what mistakes have been made, and ways to improve. Every week on every jobsite, safety is discussed with every employee through toolbox meetings. Project managers detail safety in weekly correspondence to their general contractors. Safety is part of our culture, therefore implementation comes naturally.

Safety is a core value of our company. It permeates every activity, every thought, every process, and every discussion at Meisner Electric. The emphasis on safety is simple to understand: our people and the people who we work with and for, are the most important assets of our company. We have the responsibility to make sure that we protect them by providing them with the tools, training, guidance, and methods to work safely and productively every day.

Our Safety department stays current on safety issues and industry regulations. Our motto is “Safety is Job #1”. Meisner Electric’s safety record is among the finest of any electrical contracting firm in the United States.