Meisner Electric, Inc. believes an educated employee is a valuable employee. This value of investing in its employees has resulted in the creation of the Meisner Technical Institute (MTI). The objective of MTI is to improve competence in all areas of our business while supporting Meisner Electric’s mission statement. We do this by being supportive, professional, intelligent, resourceful, innovative and thorough. We seek to integrate learning throughout the company that will engage, excite and enable our employees.

Safety Skills – Safety is Job #1 at Meisner Electric. This program provides you with the skills set for creating and ensuring a safe work environment. All courses offered comply with Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA).

Technical Skills – This program presents the concepts and hands–on techniques needed in our competitive construction industry. It also provides targeted and specific training by qualified instructors, who work for Meisner Electric within the Production and Operation teams. While many of the technical classes offered through MTI are skill specific, they are intended to supplement the formal training and education offered through the Apprenticeship Program.

Apprenticeship Program – The Apprenticeship Program is a combination of classroom and on-the-job training through several accredited institutions. It is a 4 year commitment designed to cover all aspects of the electrical trade from entry-level to journeyman and is considered the best preparation for the Journeyman’s examination.

Business Systems Skills – This program concentrates on software applications and computer-related hardware. Business Systems Skills educate employees to perform business operations efficiently by the use of today’s technology.

Leadership Development Skills – This program develops multifaceted leaders within Meisner Electric. Its goal is to help employees broaden their vision to excel in decision making and execution – when to step forward, when to step back, when to lead and how to be an effective team player.